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  1. Hey Terry send me a PM and we will work out the details. Thx, Chad
  2. How many posts till I can PM someone about a For Sale item? I really don't want to add nonsense posts just to get past some imposed limit that I'm assuming is in place to combat SPAM, but if I'm close to the limit I suppose I can do so. Currently I get the following message when I try to create a PM. Your account has not yet met the minimum content item count requirement to send personal messages. Any guidance? Cheers
  3. Hmm interesting, but I'm currently planning on rebuilding of my existing 218. If it goes badly, I might be kicking myself for not jumping on this.
  4. Definitely once engine is in working order it will be enjoyed once again, I agree it should be enjoyed once again (and this time not sit for so many years)! Below is what I'm up against. Rear 2 cylinders must have had seepage as #5 was full antifreeze (which actually helped it not rust out so bad) and #6 was dry but the worst of the bunch in terms of rust on cylinder walls. My hope is block and/or head are not cracked and it was just head gasket leakage over time. And I can still get it bored out enough address the cylinders. Will we see how it goes once I get engine out. For now it sits with some extra oil coated in each cylinder till I wrangle up a engine lift and get it out for a closer inspection.
  5. Back in the early late 80's early 90's I started this project. After stealing this from a family of raccoons that made it their home, I started to transform it back. The 2-tone mint green / black color scheme didn't agree with me as a young lad, so it was painted a red wine color and black. Unfortunately after an appearance at our wedding it went back to the farm for storage and some 30yrs later since rebuild, the engine has stuck piston / rusty cylinder due to head gasket leak. So back to the old drawing board. My daughter has got me going again after watching some car restoration shows together and showing signs of interest... We shall see how it progresses. Once running again maybe I'll revisit some areas that were "good enough" back when I was a teenager and see if I can take it to the next level. One area I may need some help is seats as raccoons destroyed all by the springs. I had used some late model power seats from an Oldsmobile that just happen to fit and were the right color (and in budget back then). I always thought I should redo the originals someday and make them look somewhat original or at least to that era. Anyway just starting off again on the adventure and thought I'd share a bit of the past. Cheers!
  6. Interested but can’t PM yet due to new account.
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