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  1. It looks like they have plans to build a 1903 replica in that link. The body part of it at least.
  2. Curved Dash Oldsmobile is probably one of those that isn't so expensive since I've heard there were thousands of them made from 1901-1907
  3. You know if I did ever happen to come across an original 1903 Ford Model A that needed a lot of work I wouldn't mind doing that kind of resurrection on it.
  4. My uncle who certainly has the skills to help me build a 1903 Ford has a friend in the air force who has a 3D printer so who knows? The stars could align and this could be possible.
  5. As I've said in the thread there is a machine shop at my grandparent's farm property and most of the tools I require are most likely there. My grandpa before he passed away last year was working on building a late 1920s Ford model A sedan completely from the ground up with parts he bought. I have people in my family with the wood working and metal working knowledge that could help me out. I really don't think it would really cost 200,000 dollars to do it unless I was paying someone to do it for me. I mean come on a 1903 model A tonneau can't be that more complicated than a riding lawmower. You can really find brass era projects for that low? Wow, I might have to keep my eyes out for one in the future.
  6. My uncles have a lot of experience with that kind of stuff so they could help me if I attempted it.
  7. Yeah sources I've read said it was a planetary transmission.
  8. I'm pretty sure a 1903 Ford Model A replica wouldn't cost 200,000+ dollars to make like what the real models cost today to buy.
  9. Model T is also bigger and more complicated since it's a newer car design compared to the 03' Model A. I think the A would be easier to do. I'd just have to find some sort of plans to reproduce the parts. All those tools should be in the shop at my grandparent's farm property.
  10. My uncle might have most of that stuff and the skill to help me as well. He can weld too.
  11. I've always been interested in early automobiles from pre-1910 but due to the rarity and collector value of these vehicles I'd never realistically be able to ever own one of them unless I won the lottery or something. I think the only realistic way I'd ever get to is building replicas. Some people when building replicas put in some lawn mower or briggs and stratton motors, and other parts in them. But honestly where is the fun in driving something with inauthentic parts or something that isn't mechanically accurate? One day I'd love to build 100% mechanically accurate replicas of cars like the 1903 Ford Model A or maybe even the Curved Dash Oldsmobile. Considering people out there have created 100% accurate working replicas of Henry Ford's 1896 Quadricycle or Karl Benz's 1886 Motorwagen it probably wouldn't be that hard to do. The bodies wouldn't be too hard to make but the difficult thing would be I'd have to get ahold of some sort of plans or schematics to create the original engines, transmissions, etc. I have people in my family who have the metal working and wood working knowledge that could help with this too. If I was to choose one of the cars to do first it would be the 1903 Ford.
  12. I'm looking for an 86 Taurus LX wagon. The ideal exterior color would be medium canyon red paired up with a gray interior but any exterior and interior combo would do. Would also accept an 86 Sable LS wagon. These now are hard to find today. Please help me find one.
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