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  1. Any idea we’re I can find a new muffler I tried the old Buick.com but nothing came up nor did eBay.
  2. Ok so now ima pull the radiator and get the shroud for it to see if it’ll solve the problem. I recently changed most hoses on the car that looked cracked the thermostat and hose that goes to it to the radiator I changed just thought it was weired how it popped on me like that. The reason I did get the edelbrock manifolds was that it was hard for me to find the rebuild kit around my area, but this is also before I found out about this forum. I still have the original one. I just hated that when I would drive it will continuously bog out on me so the edelbrock worked for me never boged out but now I’m dealing with this over heating problem. If it’s not one thing it’s another.
  3. The carburetor that I put on was a evs2 edelbrock. So now the hose from the radiator to the thermostat just blew of it had a serve amount of pressure in the lines.
  4. The only thing i did motor wise was the carburetor.
  5. Ok so update on the rivi, I had the drums turned again and now the Shaking stoped a lot. The car brakes perfectly doesn’t have any stutters when I start braking. We took of the axels they were in great condition that Mechanic just didn’t know what it was, but now I have a over heating problem, we’re the overflow tank goes it has a hose that was just dangling it looks like it was touching the exhaust manifold and got chewed up n started steaming I was wondering if it connects to anything and if I do replace it do I need the same length that was on it.
  6. I’m as curious as you are my friend... how both axles get bent in same identical location... I will be asking for old ones for sure but he reassures me by replacing axles will solve my extreme violent vibrating issue while braking... fingers crossed I guess guys... should I jack car up and send pics of rear axles?
  7. Hi Rivnut I just picked up the riv from the shop they had it on the lift and they’re telling me that both axels where it connects to the drums are bent and has a lot of play that’s what’s causing my shaking issue when braking. I told him how are both axels bent in exactly same location but he insisted I need new axels I brought up maybe wheel bearings he said no... so he advised me get axels. Rivigs how much shipped to 95351
  8. So after a long month I finally found out that it’s the axels that are bent causing the car to shake, but now I can’t find any place that has them I tried eBay every parts store around my area. Do any of y’all have an idea we’re I could find them.
  9. The shop I took the drums to said they looked up the spec online to surface the drums to the best of its ability to it.
  10. When they Resurface the drums they put it to spec. I have brand new cobra radial tires. Bushings seem to be good. It’s just the back end that shakes
  11. I finally changed all the shoes and resurfaced the drums adjusted the bearings but when I start braking at 40+ mph I still feel the back end shake
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