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  1. https://p15-d24.com/topic/55857-exact-location-of-stamped-bin-on-left-rear-frame-above-the-axel/
  2. This is a really nice and highly informative thread...don't hesitate to share your progress with us.
  3. I totally agree with you @md murray These cars all have stories to tell.
  4. Beautiful 57. Too bad it's on a trailer and not being driven.
  5. few items on chevettes https://www.chevettes.com/links https://www.facebook.com/chevettecarclub/
  6. Electrification is going to become an increasingly important preservation option for those who street drive older cars. And less than 25 years from now, the early Teslas will have the status of full classics and design milestones.
  7. The engine looks to be a 250 or earlier version thereof. The body seems to be a customized amalgamation of parts. Not much to start with-just a lot of work!
  8. Another vote for Harold Sharon's book
  9. My favorite show would be the BBC Top Gear.
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