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  1. Welp with auction commission the one I was after sold for 27,500! Way too high for me but I'm sure someones going to enjoy her.
  2. Please contact me directly for price, condition etc. Must be an AC car since I live 5 miles from the surface of the sun (Arizona). Tim
  3. Concourse around 21k. Average is 13-16k for a good one.
  4. Whats the ballpark value on a clean #3 car these days? Love a Riv but they're hard to find in good shape.
  5. So after my 68 Buick Riviera deal fell through due to a bad engine I've decided to keep looking. I have a chance to obtain a very nice 1966 Buick Wildcat Custom coupe with the original color/trim combo and 401 V8 engine. It has quite a few options and its a solid #3 car. This being said whats a reasonable price range for these cars? Are they rare? Is the 401 engine dependable compared to similar engines of the era? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  6. If you ever want to get rid of those 4 horns let me know. I might take them off your hands 🤩
  7. Those 4 note horns are rarrrreeeeeeee. I was looking into purchasing one for my 68 Riv (whenever its finally done) but I was told that I'd be looking for a leprechaun, bigfoot, and proof of ET all at the same time trying to find one.
  8. TampaRiv do you have any pictures to share of your car?
  9. My wire didn't snap on my 54 but I had to use a punch and hammer down the brass sleeve to get my horn to function properly. Beforehand every time I turned the wheel it would sound the horn. Makes for an embarrassing trip to the store.
  10. If its anything like my 54 was you have to disassemble the entire column to get to the brass ring.
  11. TampaRiv thats probably the best luck you're going to have with finding a cheap transport for your car. Even flying up there, renting a Uhaul, and driving back down to FL would be around the same cost plus your time. I wish you luck with your situation as I know how annoying it can be.
  12. Just out of curiosity does anyone make a factory correct exhaust hangar set for my 68? I'd like to redo my exhaust in the near future and I'm always a nut for factory correct.
  13. Totally missed that this is a project car. Try this website. Type in the specifics and then have people bid for your shipment! https://www.uship.com/
  14. I used Reliable for my 1955 Cadillac when I shipped it from DC to AZ. They're pricey but if you have Hagerty Drivers Club they'll shave 10% off the total cost.
  15. Personally I'd keep it. Its what the car came with from the factory. When I selected my 68 I chose it because it came w/o the vinyl top. Vinyl tops don't seem to enjoy the AZ sun/heat.
  16. On a semi related topic I was at a car show where a gentleman had a very nice 1960 Chrysler Imperial on display. He was parked near my friends 1962 Buick Skylark. He had a display which explained that he couldn't get the trunk open for any reason. He did something similar to what everyone here is suggesting and found nearly 60k tucked away in the spare wheel well. The car came from Iowa so the only thing he could figure out was it was someone who used their car for a bank since a lot of older generations distrusted banks after the Great Depression. Either that or he was the one who got away!
  17. On the topic of the 8 track player how hard is it to install one of these in a car that doesn't already have it? The reason I ask is I see refurbished units on Ebay and I'm half tempted to pick one up provided the install isn't something obscene.
  18. IDK Chris you lucked out with yours. I still remember when we had 3 54's cruising into an event. That was stellar!
  19. Makes me miss my 54 48D model. TBH mine was in similar if not better shape and it went for 12k a few years back. Granted todays market is nuts compared to a few years ago but the asking price with this one does seem to be a bit much.
  20. I'm located in Gilbert south of the 60. I haven't received the car yet but I'll be sure to let you and the others know when I do.
  21. So once I get my Riviera I'll need to break in the engine up to 500 miles according to the builder. After that I'll change the oil, check it (for metallic flakes, etc), then add the new oil. Which weight and brand would you guys recommend? Is the Royal Purple stuff worth the extra coin or should I go with a high zinc oil? Suggestions are welcome.
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