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  1. Maybe? I have 67 Wurlitzer 3100 with spare speakers. I could try that. Clock started working on and off. Guessing its just old and gummed up. Cars are funny creatures sometimes.
  2. I manually pulled up the antenna and I got nothing so EmTee you're right.
  3. I'm willing to bet that its the radio unit itself. Its a pain in the ass to get to since I have AC in my car. I'll have to go through the glove box.
  4. Update: The unit lights up but theres no sound.
  5. No its never worked since I got it. The radio, antenna, 8 track, and clock are not functional. I'm thinking somethings disconnected or there's a bad fuse somewhere.
  6. So maybe someone can help me here. My radio doesn't work neither does the antenna or 8 track player. Are these connected? I did manage to replace a burnt out 7 1/2 amp fuse but that didnt work. Here's a picture of my fuse box as well as two fuses under the dash. Can anyone help?
  7. Here's a picture from today. She still needs a detail but she's pretty clean.
  8. I don't have any power to the radio or the 8 track player unfortunately so I'm thinking its either a connection or a fuse. I'll take a look at it this weekend when I have some free time.
  9. Y-JobFan yes I have that and the rear speaker as well. They're currently inoperable so I'm wondering if its a fuse.
  10. Well now that car looks familiar. Shame it didn't pan out but I'm also very happy with my 67 Wildcat.
  11. Either or would be nice. My car came with the 8 track player option however neither the 8 track, radio, nor antenna are functional at this time (fuse?)
  12. I'll ride on the radials for a while but I'm going to look into bias options as well. Overall shes a very smooth driver. Very relaxing cruiser with some extra umph!
  13. Its definitely the factory paint. My 1966 Had similar quality paint but it wasn't quite as nice as this. It'll need a repaint sometime in the future but for now she's going to be a nice driver. I love how the 430 purrrs away when cruising. Almost no drone when light on the throttle but when you hit it she lets you know shes got umph!
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