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  1. Thanks, guys ! I already got evaporust inside now and will flush it twice with it. I was some weeks on vacation and will now restart the work on the car. Actually I have some issue on the carb (does not hold idle stable and dies suddenly) and driving is very difficult, so this needs to be fixed at first. I have already found several posts for the Marvel carb, that I will use to check everything. But the cooling system seems now already very stable and does the gasket on the top does not leak. Thanks, Steffen
  2. Thanks, Fred ! honestly speaking, I don’t want to spend so much for the cover in this condition. As shipping costs may be high, when it’s boxed in such a large wooden box, i would search here a bit further. There is a cover actually on Ebay for <$40, unfortunately this is for a master model… thanks, Steffen
  3. Yes, the car obviously was running for a long time in California- the black plates are from 1963. I am aware of the point, that the gland nut needs to be tightened only very low due to the cam gear. But many thanks for the advice. Yesterday I found a locksmith who was able to fabricate a new key for the door lock… step by step it goes forward.. Steffen
  4. Bump up… still searching.. i have the necessary short spark plugs, too…
  5. Another one.. btw: I am still searching for a useable spark plug cover.. got the correct short spark plugs now. Steffen
  6. Hi guys, i just want to give you a short update. After rebuilding the water pump, now it seems that my issue is solved. I just did a small test run and drive (car is not licensed yet) there was no overheating anymore. i got a perfect rubber gasket on the radiator top and no leaks anywhere. Anyhow, I will flush and clean the cooling system again (and will use correct antifreeze, too). Now I need to sort out some other small things (door key is missing, speedometer needs some help, I might need to fine tune the carb etc.), but this was a good step forward. Thanks again for the help, for sure I will come back in the future with some more questions. Attached some pictures. All comments are welcome. Steffen
  7. Hi guys, my car (1927 Buick Standard Country Club Coupé) is missing the spark plug cover. Does anyone got it for sale ? Thanks, Steffen
  8. Thanks for all the great advice, guys ! I will rebuild the water pump (parts are already ordered) and will check the radiator flow and will measure the temperature gap between top and lower part of the radiator. I also will make a new gasket for the radiator top.. if it leaks, it should only come out through the usual pipe. Afterwards I will come back to you with the results. P.S.: on my engine, the spark plug cover is missing… anyone knows someone, who sells this ? Thanks again, Steffen
  9. Thanks guys.. for the warm welcome and the great advices for now ! @Brian: another Mr. Heil ! Great ! i will check the radiator flow next time when I have some time to work on the car. It does not leak anywhere and a rebuild is expensive, so this might be a really last step only. I think, Bob is right, that I should do a rebuild of the water pump. The impeller is really rusty and maybe the flow and the power is restricted due to this. I saw that a rebuild kit is available from bobsautomobilia.com. Afterwards I will check again with new gaskets on the top of the Radiator and i will come back to you with the results. Basically it could also be a defective head gasket, but let’s keep the fingers crossed… Steffen
  10. Hi guys, i just acquired a basically nice 1927 Buick country club coupe from the states and its now here in Germany. i got it now running, but after heating up, the radiator is heavily leaking at the top. The radiator cap is very loose (there is just a flipping cap with the gauge) and it’s absolutely not really sealed. The gasket inside is very old and just cracked when removed. But I doubt, the even when new it could really seal the cap. if you check the pictures, you will understand. Does anyone know, where I can get the correct gasket between radiator top and the flipping cap ? Then I checked the thermostat, but after removing the cover, I found, that no thermostat is installed.. not good. I really don’t know, why anybody is doing this.. Then I checked the water pump and opened the cover there, too. Here it looks fine. But I would appreciate your feedback here, too. Obviously the complete system ran without any good cooling fluid for a long time and just with water… It’s my understanding, that I have here a cooling system, that does not work with pressure, correct ? Where can I get a new thermostat? I understand, that maybe my radiator itself may need a rebuild, but at first I want to understand, if this is really necessary. Do you know any source for a new radiator shell ? I don’t think so.., but I just want to ask anyhow. Thanks for any advice, Steffen
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