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  1. what is best way to search vin history of my '37 fordor.
  2. hey Ford owners,just wondering what spark plugs youve been using? the plugs i removed as soon as i got it in the garage from the orig 37 flathead were BTS8 motorcraft. that number crossed to autolite 386. i got the car a year ago and the plugs seem to read well for pretty much town driving 40mph or slower. so i installed another new set of 386s rather than reinstall used. they cost $2.00 ea. oreillys. by the way that first set of 386 plugs were run withe a brand new 94 style carb i purchased from dennis carpenter. that carb was so close to being tuned. very minor adjust to air fuel ratio screws needed prolly cause i had removed that heavy oil bath cleaner and replaced with 4"hot rod style ac. tom.
  3. tml

    1937 ford flat head

    thanks so much TerryB and A i will go with that advice soon.
  4. tml

    1937 ford flat head

    thanks very much TerryB. early last spring i got rid of my last harley,and started a new pastime/hobby with the 37 fordor.its petty much all original. quite a few new repro parts. its a very nice driver.i have done a number of improvments myself,such as a new carb,turn sigs. front seat belts,do all my own service so far. learned how to adjust mech. brakes. i am the 3rd owner the 85 yr. old man before me had owned since 1956. tom.
  5. tml

    1937 ford flat head

    thanks TerryB. yeah running lights seems to work and probably keeps me more visable to all that are distracted drivers. so i guess to solve the over charge adjust the gen brush?
  6. tml

    1937 ford flat head

    thanks terryb. reason why asking about gen. cut ,when i drive the 37 which is every day,i usualy have to run my head or driving lights otherwise a little puddle of batt fluid the size of a half dollar pukes out of no1 batt cap. tom.
  7. how to adjust generator cut out, thanks.
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