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  1. I've been an AACA member for a few years and have read the forums but did not start an account until tonight, and I have to have 10 posts before I can PM someone (this is my second post), but I'm trying to get some information on AC Spark plugs, I believe Larry Schramm posted that he put together millions of AC plugs so I figure he knows the info I'm seeking. Okay, here goes: I have a 1938 Chevrolet pickup that I have used AC46 plugs in, which the GM Heritage website shows in the 1938 Chevrolet specifications, the plugs I have and have used are NOS from the late 70's and 80's, they have the raised green rings at the top of the porcelain, and I saw a set of 8 AC46 plugs on Ebay that have smooth porcelain and the seller indicates they are from 1958 or so. So I went back to where my '38 sat in a shed since 1950 and I collected all the used spark plugs I could find (country people didn't throw much away back then) and my hope was to find some smooth porcelain AC46 plugs figuring they would have been used in my truck back then; I did find a few smooth porcelain plugs marked AC46-5 in green lettering. I also found some AC46 Commercial plugs, and some AC48 with blue lettering, smooth porcelain. I understand the heat range, so my question to Larry Schramm, or someone else who might know, is what is an AC46-5? I have started cleaning up these 70 year old used plugs with the intent of using them for shows, I think I have lost my mind, again, but what the heck, this stuff keeps me going. And if there is an explanation on the blue lettering I'm curious to know that too. Thanks, Glen
  2. Bill: I know there is a shop in Greensboro that indicates they fix diesel blocks and heads, Keys Block Repair, it's a bright yellow building on Wendover Avenue on the east side of Greensboro. I don't know anything about them, but it looks like the shop has been there quite a while, might be worth a phone call.
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