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  1. Thanks for all the help. I started the car at least a dozen times today with no issues (I also adjusted the choke). The car wasn't being driven or started alot. The check ball being gummed up seems to be the case.
  2. I hear you! Had no issue this morning. Drove it to the tire place to get some whitewalls put on and once again no crank. I jumped the vacuum switch leads with a screw driver and crank! So if the switch leads had power...not neutral safety switch. I got back in car and it immediately cranked and started from the petal.
  3. I tapped on the vacuum switch lightly with a wrench and just did 5 start cycles with no issue. I drove it around the neighborhood, shut it down and then started it again with no issue. That surpasses the record of 2 starts in a row with no problem. I do have the manual and I'm leaning toward the check ball may be getting gummed up and not falling back into the non-running position after shutdown. I'll see what happens in the morning. I may not need to break out the multimeter.
  4. I'm trying to troubleshoot my issue getting car to crank. Turn ignition on and press petal and nothing happens...sometimes. Turn key on and off several (or a LOT of) times then suddenly I get crank. Shut right down and it may or may not crank again? At first I though the neutral safety switch being wonky as my first experience seem to be shift to N and back to Park got it to work but now not so sure. Why would it intermittently work? Anyone with any experience on this? I'm looking at the diagram of the switch, maybe contact spring needs replaced or switch dirty? I'm afraid to pull it apart are there any available?
  5. My parts interchange manual came in today. It lists parts number 1170021 for dual exhaust Century and 1169418 dual exhaust Roadmaster. It will be interesting to see if anything is stamped on the bumper. I looked at a lot of google images of cars and it made it even more confusing.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I'm thinking they were patched now. The inserts in the seat tops is the right material but "newer". The regular Century Bumper does not have the recesses for the tips.
  7. Hello all, I just acquired a 1956 Buick Century 2Dr HT and it's my first Buick. At some point soon, I'll post in the intro section but I've been looking for a long, long time and finally got what I was looking for. My knowledge of Buicks is minimal. The story is the car is a low mileage survivor that last ran in 68 until the man I purchased it from found it and got it going about 10 years ago. He said he did not redo the seats and assumed they were original. Tag says 634 and the material matches but seat backs do not have the x pattern or button. Is this correct or are these a vintage redo or repair? Picture 1 is the seats in the car and pic 2 is an example of what I thought they should look like. My second question is the bumper. This bumper is the roadmaster bumper with tips. My 56 Buick dealer book hints that the roadmaster bumper would be available for lower models but the options list on the order sheet I found online does not have it in the list...only dual exhaust for $28.00. I would think the bumper and tips would cost more so would this. So would this fall under the Z special order code? It looks like a factory install.
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