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  1. I looked at images of Buick Master. The wheels (all 4) are definitely later because they are faux wood spoke. They are steel wheels with wood spoke inlay.... they are also very corroded.
  2. Thanks Kevin. This is located in Cold Spring, MN. The owner is moving and is selling it. If you know anyone interested call Vic +1 (320) 685-4315. This is not a cell, so leave a message. Or you can call me 763-548-4039. (Joe) I tried to upload more pics but the files are too big. I can text them to anyone interested. it would be cool to save this piece of history. PS.... with the sturdiness of this frame, it may have been used as a hay wagon... but from my casual inspection, and lack of knowledge, it didn’t appear that it had extra holes drilled in it.
  3. JoughBlough

    What Buick is this?

    Trying to find what vehicle this Buick frame belongs to.
  4. Old Buick Frame # 1315730 Roller? ... It has 4 faux wood spoke rims that are very rusty. Hub caps are pretty dinged up , but are there. Best offer. 763-548-4039
  5. I need to find someone interested in this frame... Heck I am interested, but I don't know what kind of buick it is!
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