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  1. i sent you an email a week ago but got no response, please contact me
  2. thank you im probably interested, just waiting for my dads response! i could't message you directly as im a new member, please if you could do it. thanks!
  3. hey i know its 6 years late but, any chance you still have any of the 1938 dodge emblems? haha thanks!
  4. Hi there, My dad has a Dodge coupe from 1938 and he needs some parts that I'm helping him find them. would like to know if there's any chance you guys could have some. 1.- he needs both emblems (triangle and 3 pieces of the bottom) like in the picture. 2.- looking for one of the rear fenders 3.- one of the handles of the sides like in the third picture thank you for reading! Regards, Alex here are the photos of how he got the car
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