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  1. Thank you all so much for the replies. I will be calling the Texas DMV this week to see our state processes, I just didn't know what the logical first step is in a situation like this but I'm glad I came to the right place. What I read on the Texas DMV website seemed pretty daunting and I sure hope I don't end up needing the guy's death certificate. I'll post what I find when I find it. That's really neat, crossing my fingers that its this easy here
  2. So I found the car of my dreams, but now that I have it working and "restored", the legal side is much more complicated than I thought. The history following the car (1970 ford galaxie) is that it was single owner up until the owners death in 1992 (the vehicle was last registered in 82 and sat in a barn up until 3 months ago). The guy that sold me the car bought it at an estate sale as a project for him and his son, but since his son was uninterested (sad, i know) he decided to resale. Me being the lucky winner walked away with the car and a blue title with a dead guys name on it. The way I understand it is I have 2 legal options: 1: get in touch with the guy who sold it to me and have the estate sign him over the car on the title (he doe have a bill of sale from the estate) and then he can sign it to me? or 2: Request a bonded title. (other potential option) 3:Forge the signature??? Obviously its very illegal but its coming from an honest place for whatever its worth. I claimed that a craigslist utility trailer was homemade a few years back and it seemed like the person behind the desk wanted the path of least resistance as much as I did. This is all uncharted territory for me so any help would be great. Thanks!
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