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  1. The pictures were taken at the East Islip marina last year when everyone was home
  2. This Cadillac was ordered new from a dealership in Memphis Tenn as a station wagon, because they had show dogs. We believe the coachbuilder was Wisco in Detroit I have seen 2 other 1985 and 86 that are identical to our 87. There are no records left of Wisco to be sure but the others had documentation of the build. According to the original owner's son the cost was double the cost of a standard brougham. It is built on a standard chassis not the commercial chassis. Here is the rear of the car, it has the standard GM 2 way tailgate and folding center and rear seats. The chassis was lengthened 12
  3. Hello we are new to the AACA and are looking forward to participating in shows and events. One of our cars is a coachbuilt Cadillac station wagon. What class should that be entered into at an AACA event? Thank you
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