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  1. Hello i want to convert hydraulic windows on a 1946 lincoln continetal with electric motors. is there someone who can give me the name of a supplier or a reference of the window regulator. the car is converted to 12 volts, negative to ground . thank you stéphane
  2. small détails,i noticed that whatever the position of control,push or pull,the top closes.Second thing the car is converted to 12 volts and battry negative to ground,however the windows work normaly.
  3. thank you Tom, imagining that the tub pipes,valve outlet,which go to the cylenders are reversed,what happens and what impact the valves?
  4. attached a photo of my control valve.I would like to know the direction of the pipes thank you
  5. , Abe, but the car is not for sale but there is just a problem with the soft top not opening. There may be someone who can help me with a photo of the control valve. Thank you for your help .
  6. Hello, I have a friend who owns a 1946 Continental Convertible Lincoln from California and he has a retractable roof issue, it does not open despite proper pump power The dispense valve looks new to me, but I have the impression that the supply pipes are mounted upside down on the distribution valve. Does anyone have a picture of the valve or a solution. thank you stephane France
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