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  1. OK. Had to deal with several family emergencies. The car had to be put on hold. I do like the idea of going with the Turbo 350. I am a little concerned about the loss of the switch-pitch feature. For some reason I am having a heck of a time with V8 Buick formum. They will not let me in. I have read before all the health issues there is a turbo 350 with a cable connection?
  2. Put gauges in the car. Oil pressure is 45 lbs at start up, then comes down to 35 lbs at idle. Spec say 33 lbs at 2,400 rpm. I am not totally sure of the safe zone.
  3. Could use same advice from those that have been there, done that, have the T-shirt. Do I rebuild the existing transmission: Cost at aprox. $4,500. Could be less. Shop said $3,500 plus parts and tax. Do I take one from the parts car I have. No idea of its condition. Used the engine in another 65, that was 20 years ago. I have used the rear axles also. But no idea on the transmission. It would cost $800 to find out if it would work. I have been quoted $1,200 for a used from the "salvage network"? Who knows if that is any good. Do I find a three speed automatic that will bolt in? Is there such an animal? We did pull the pan on the existing. Full of thick dark sludge and some shiny particles. Skybeatle
  4. Yes. Consistent with the Transmission Shop thoughts. He needs it on the bench.
  5. Transmission shop it is. I am passing the 2-bbl on to my Son & his family. They are moving to Texas next this month, so the push has been on to fix all the ills. This one was a little unexpected. It will just have to ship later. I had asked the transmission shop in the region to look at it, but he was unable to get to it for 3 weeks. New dual exhaust, tires, brakes, hoses and a carb rebuid. She was sounding and running sweet. I was looking forward to driving her around in Texas when I visited. Now I will begin the restoration of the 4 bbl hot rod. Paint, new top, interior, wheels, tires and exhaust. The 4 bbl runs great, looks bad. I tried low gear. The engine did not overrev, you could feel it the transmission trying to engage. Once it got rolling, it was a sweet ride. At first it would not engage until rev'd quite high, it would slowly engage, but when it did you were moving 25 plus quickly. Not tire spin quickly, but quickly. I was debating unplugging the solenoid at the trottle, just to see what would happen. But, I made it home. Now that is has cooled down, I am sure it will make it the five miles to the transmission shop. Appreciate the words. I am not sure the 4 bbl has the same switch-pitch unit or not. I have never heard it do the wine up as the vanes move. It just goes. Off to the bank I go.
  6. Went for a drive this afternoon. About 83F today. The drive was great for about 45 minutes. Car would excel from a stop no issues. About 45 minutes later it would barely move. Ran thru 3 stop sign getting home. If I had stopped, it probably would not have got going again. Stopped short coming into the garage. It would not excel over the 3/8" bump at the door. Had to back up and get some momentum. Upsetting. But I the drive was wonderful when working. The transmission fluid is fairly new. But, I do not recall the last time the transmission was serviced.
  7. Mixing the two caused them to gel in the cooling system. Ate the aluminum thermostat housing and timing cover housing. Plugged up the radiator. Not sure of the damage internally to the engine. So far it is running fine after rebuilding he radiator.
  8. Sorry for jumping onto an 18 year old issue. This was a new issue for me. I had the radiator rebuilt and it appears to have solved the problem. Mine was a self inflicted wound. I added RED antifreeze to the GREEN antifreeze one winter several years ago. The next summer when taking the car out for a drive learned a hard lesson. The two do not mix. I had a mess. Many parts have now been changed.
  9. I own two - 1965 Buick Skylarks. One with a two barrel carb and one with a four barrel carb. The two barrel carb Switch-Pitch is a new thing for me to understand. As the transmission heats up the switch-pitch transfer makes the car more difficult to get going. I guess that is called stall speed. When transmission is cold and I first start out you can stop and go with no issues. I can hear the switch-pitch wine. As the transmission gets hotter it is harder to get going. It takes a lot of throttle to move the car. Especially difficult when stopped on a hill. Really need to wind up the revs to get going. The four barrel just gets up and goes no issues.
  10. I got the same issue on my 1965 Buick Skylark with the 300 engine. I have tried adjusting up the idle.
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