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  1. 👍👍👍 cheers for that.
  2. Update the seller has contacted me by txt and phone.. Dropped to £10,000-$13880 ....
  3. I think everyone here as given me enough information to not to consider the car. Too much wrong before I even look at it. Its just not financially viable for me. Thanks to everyone. A really friendly bunch. Take care and stay safe.
  4. I got the B for British. What's the S stand for 🤣🤣🤣
  5. Yes Kev... I'm getting the feeling he is BS merchant. He says he has Ferrari's and other classics and the Buick has to go as he has lost his storage.....Where are the Ferraris going ? On the road ??
  6. Thanks for those pointers and questions to ask..... Also looking at the photos. Is that gear lever centre console area correct ?
  7. The advert has been changed quite a few times over the past few months. Its been advertised for the past few months in Classic American magazine. He didn't mention the rebuild only the detailing. I must admit IF he had the work done he lists, its concerning he has spent that money and left the wiper and flasher issue unresolved.
  8. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1310872 Cheers Kev. I hope this link works
  9. Folks, if I peruse the Riviera over the bank holiday. How difficult is it to get those parts? Did anyone resolve an alternative cable? Is reconditioning the wiper motor the only alternative?
  10. Not a bad word to say against TB 12 or Gronk. Good luck to them both
  11. GO PATS!!! Tedy my all time favourite player, the late Junior Seau is also up there.
  12. Thanks for the advice Rodney..... He was adamant he was not going to lower the price regardless ... He dropped the price from £18000 ($25000) over the past few months. I probably would take a punt at it. Its just the lack of available parts to fix it.
  13. Hi all, thanks for the comments. The gent selling the car as already said " Don't try to knock me down on the price. Its cheap as it is" Thats £15,500 or $21,607 which at the UK price is cheap and Rivi's are not abundant in the UK. From the car collection the gent has cash flow does not appear to be an issue so I'm a little concerned as its the top of my budget with little cash to try to put things right.... although I note parts for both issues are also scarce in the US. Edd China ??? No thanks LMAO..... Ill have Ant Anstead..... Thanks Again
  14. Hi There, Thanks for the advice Seafoam! Yeah I'm thinking of my heart instead of my head. Your right, those items should be working... he says he has had it for four years so you would think these would be working. I surmise from looking on here the wiper motor is no good and are not available to buy and are also a pain to get to. Also the flashers are probably that cable that breaks.. Turbinator, thanks for your words. Unfortunately I have a tight budget and its cost prohibitive to import to the UK....
  15. Hi, to everyone. First time post and hopefully will be a owner of my all time favourite American car ( although not a 65 GS ). Can ask your advice? A 63 Riviera has come up for sale over here in the UK. The gent selling it said in the advert that it has a few “niggles” . I have spoken to him over the phone and he has told me that the wipers don’t work and the flashers only work on one side. I initially thought it sounded like an earthing problem. He has said it needs a fuse box . From looking on the net and on here I’m starting to have my doubts. I have recently caught a bloodied nose from my last American car purchases ( Ford Thunderbird and Pontiac Fiero). Which I don’t wish to repeat either financially or emotionally. I would appreciate some genuine advice as this car is at the top end of my budget and I would actually like some driving enjoyment rather than months of misery. Thank You and Stay Safe
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