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  1. Need for a 1956 Buick Super 2 door HT Inner Driver Side Garnish Molding for the door and rear 1/4. Need Hood Ornament base. THe spoon part of the ornament. I have the airplane part. Thank You Jonathan Mott 208-731-7783 Call or text
  2. Looking for a complete engine, auto Dynaflow Trans and torque tube and rear end for a 1956 Super. I am in Idaho. I am willing to drive some to pick up. Please help. My 56 Super appreciates your help. Please call or text. 208-731-7783 Thanks, Jonathan
  3. I am working on getting all the parts needed for my 1956 Buick Super convertible. I have been able to get most of the parts I need from my Fathers Parts cars. Most people know him on this forum as Auburncoupe. A few parts that we don't have if anybody has them. Driver side door garnish molding and the driver side 1/4 garnish molding. Need the driver side door power window regulator. The hood ornament mounting plate that mounts on the inside of the hood. Looks like a steel spoon. The passenger side molding that goes behind the door in front of the wheel opening. If anybody has any of these parts please let me know. 208-731-7783 call or text.
  4. The car is in my Driveway. My Son and I are excited to tear into it. We are very happy and thankful to be able to work on this car! Truly a dream come true. I would like to thank Gregg and his Family for selling us this car! I am going to be needing some advice for this old Girl so if anybody would be willing to call or text me to give me some direction I would appreciate it. My cell phone number is 208-731-7783. My name is Jonathan. Thank you very much!
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