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  1. Your post made me laugh. Nothing like being expected to do ALL of the work while they sit back and tell you you're not doing it the way they would. I was a young, excited member of a specific brand club once a long time ago when several crochety old guys berated me publicly at a meeting because, in a desperate attempt to keep my pride and joy on the road and within my budget, I used some non original type parts. It wasn't like I hot rodded it or anything but I was told I didn't deserve the car and should sell it to someone with the means to take care of it properly. I never went back and it took me years to reluctantly join another club. I still get offended to this day when I hear someone at a show looking at a car and say "they ruined that one".
  2. I've been told that tires don't make any smoke if you burn them at night. 😁
  3. Good thing it wasn't an old truck. Some of the early Detroit two strokes could run either direction. If you stalled on a hill and rolled backwards enough to crank the engine sometimes they'd start back up but all of your forward gears would go backwards and reverse would go forward, a pretty scary experience the first time it happens to you.
  4. An iron worker friend told me once he's more scared at 20 feet than he is at 100 feet because if he falls from 20 feet he might live, be paralyzed and be a burden on his family. I guess it's all perspective.
  5. My first car had a bad starter. Dad kindly explained that it was my problem, not his and since I couldn't afford a new one I started parking on the barn bank everyday. For a little over a month I drove that car, always parking on a hill, leaving it run or having friends push me till I saved up enough for a new starter. Surprisingly I never stalled it and ended up stranded in the middle of the road.
  6. That comment is far from the truth, based in ignorance and intentionally offensive. There's 100s of thousands of home schooled kids that network with other homeschool groups to learn social skills, they travel and share resources to provide specialist in different subjects and they aren't stuck in a large one teacher class room full of brats and distractions. Most of the ones I know are more outgoing, well behaved and smarter than any of the failed public indoctrination students I've met. The electronic communication may be part of the problem however if you aren't using it to some degree today then you're the one that's been left behind, out of touch and will be cast aside. To the O.P., some of it may have been your approach by asking a question that can be answered in one word. I've found that looking at their car and saying "Cool car, I've never seen one like it, what can you tell me about it?", gives the impression that you're genuinely interested and leaves an open ended question that the kid has to engage. Kids are interested and they want to talk about theirs, but they don't want to be tested or appeased. If they think you really care they'll open up.
  7. https://www.amazon.com/Steel-Metal-Letter-Number-Stamping/dp/B079YVYM4Y There are very simple solutions out there. There isn't a Ford Model A on the planet with the original engine/frame combination yet almost all of the restored ones match!
  8. Good grief, are we really having a thread to discuss whether gay people are inherently cleaner and have better taste than non gay people on a car forum? The censors...oops, I mean moderators must be off today. Does this mean race, religion and politics are open for discussion too? I hear the Baptist can detail a car better then anyone.πŸ™„
  9. The Hagerty roadside was a joke when I tried to use it. Only good for 10 miles and their nearest contractor was over three hours away and acted like they had no interest in showing up. Being only 5 miles from home I took care of it myself. Another time I used AAA, told them it was an antique car and had to be hauled on a flat bed. 15 minutes later a local company showed up with a very experienced driver that knew old cars and took me and the car home 27 miles away at no charge to me.
  10. The National Packard Museum is right down the road in Warren Ohio. They may be able to help. https://packardmuseum.org/
  11. Interesting story about the carbon footprint break even point for electric vehicles. https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2017/11/battery-batteries-electric-cars-carbon-sustainable-power-energy/
  12. That may be, but the it doesn't change the facts. There are many other organizations and scientist that can verify the environmental impacts of mining lithium and the flat out refusal of certain countries to enforce or even try to maintain any standards of environmental protection. Right now it's a "meet demand no matter what the cost market , and we'll worry about the environment only when or if someone makes us."
  13. We haven't figured out how to, or been willing to responsibly mine the lithium thus far let alone considered the long term effects of the future waste products. https://www.instituteforenergyresearch.org/renewable/the-environmental-impact-of-lithium-batteries/
  14. In all fairness, the City of Baltimore was in chaos long before the hackers came along.πŸ˜‰
  15. I would pay good money to watch her show up for her drivers test in that half track!
  16. Hearing about all these shortages and the panic that ensued took me by surprise as I just traveled that area with no issues. I left home at 5:00 AM on Friday and between that time and Monday night I drove through North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Washington D.C.. I filled up six times over the weekend and never once did I experience long lines or a shortage. I also didn't listen to any news and wasn't aware of the cyber attack till I returned home so maybe that's what made all the difference.
  17. Leases are even dumber, you're basically making payments anyway, yet you have zero equity when you have to get rid of it.
  18. This is why I carry maximum insurance and use and enjoy my cars. To me even antique cars are just cars and there's always another one for sale somewhere. Assuming I live through the accident, the only thing to worry about is what new antique car I'll buy with the insurance settlement.
  19. You're kidding right? 99% of the cars on the road (especially the high end stuff) are being "rented to own" from the bank, mainly because of peoples "want it now" mentality and their desire to impress others with shiny things that they can't really afford. I know a person that just leased a brand new Corvette. He tells everyone it's his and when the lease is up he'll trade it in on a new one and tell everyone he bought the new model. Fact is, he barely even owns the gas in the tank.
  20. So there's the answer: Everyone put a fat Black Snake in your car. No more mice, no more back seat driving wife, and probably a theft deterrent! Perfect plan!🀣
  21. I hope you at least have a bill of sale from the original estate that it came from AND another bill of sale from the guy you bought it from AND current receipts showing what you've invested since you've had it. If the original deceased owner or the power of attorney for that estate didn't sign the title over then the estate still legally owns that car and when you start digging and some long lost family member decides they'd like to keep this newly "restored" car then you could be out of luck and possibly even in trouble. From a legal standpoint the guy you bought the car from sold a car that he had no ownership rights to leaving you in a similar predicament.
  22. Bounce dryer sheets don't work. Your car will smell good for a short time but I have seen chewed up dryer sheets in mouse nests so apparently they like it too. One thing that does work is Mothballs but I would highly discourage that method. I bought a car a few years ago and the previous owner had dumped "A LOT" of mothballs in the interior for longtime storage. Even after an extensive cleaning the fumes were so strong I'd get a headache after 10 minutes of driving. That car has been repeatedly cleaned, aired out, ozone gassed, Fabreeze treated and three years later after a day or two of being closed up you can still smell mothballs. I think I would have rather had the mouse pee.
  23. Actually there have been multiple studies on roundabouts and they are by far the most efficient way to move traffic through an intersection, even better than a traffic cop. There is a small learning curve when you first encounter them but fact is, if you can't navigate the simplicity of a roundabout then you probably shouldn't be driving anyway.
  24. Neither. They were both bricks that were only marginally fast in a straight line. Without knowing the modifications, gear ratios or abilities of the driver there is no way to know which one would be faster just by looking at the sale ad.
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