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  1. So there's the answer: Everyone put a fat Black Snake in your car. No more mice, no more back seat driving wife, and probably a theft deterrent! Perfect plan!🤣
  2. I hope you at least have a bill of sale from the original estate that it came from AND another bill of sale from the guy you bought it from AND current receipts showing what you've invested since you've had it. If the original deceased owner or the power of attorney for that estate didn't sign the title over then the estate still legally owns that car and when you start digging and some long lost family member decides they'd like to keep this newly "restored" car then you could be out of luck and possibly even in trouble. From a legal standpoint the guy you bought the car from sold a car that
  3. Bounce dryer sheets don't work. Your car will smell good for a short time but I have seen chewed up dryer sheets in mouse nests so apparently they like it too. One thing that does work is Mothballs but I would highly discourage that method. I bought a car a few years ago and the previous owner had dumped "A LOT" of mothballs in the interior for longtime storage. Even after an extensive cleaning the fumes were so strong I'd get a headache after 10 minutes of driving. That car has been repeatedly cleaned, aired out, ozone gassed, Fabreeze treated and three years later after a day or two of being
  4. Actually there have been multiple studies on roundabouts and they are by far the most efficient way to move traffic through an intersection, even better than a traffic cop. There is a small learning curve when you first encounter them but fact is, if you can't navigate the simplicity of a roundabout then you probably shouldn't be driving anyway.
  5. Neither. They were both bricks that were only marginally fast in a straight line. Without knowing the modifications, gear ratios or abilities of the driver there is no way to know which one would be faster just by looking at the sale ad.
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