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  1. Thanks Ken. The image in my post above was taken from the dealer's website but they were not helpful on the issue. I have just checked on the actual ACC website and that definitely shows an image with all those pieces. The image in my post above looks exactly the same as that on the ACC website. Seems the Special and Century 2 door HT have these pieces while the larger Super and Roadmaster have slightly different cutting and do not have these extra pieces. Anyone shed any light.
  2. Purchased an ACC carpet set for the 55 2 door HT. Unfortunately, no old carpet in car to compare. Apart from the larger front and rear sections there are also 2 very small pieces and 1 long narrow piece that came in this kit. The image below shows all the pieces. This kit is supposed to replicate original. Anyone know where the 2 small pieces and the 1 long narrow piece fit in the car?
  3. Wow I have never experienced this before but it looks like I was told off for not making a phone call.
  4. Sorry, yes my 55 has electronic ignition - point taken on the points longevity.
  5. Would effectively removing the ballast resistor help. I see on my car the coil and ignition wire are directly connected to each other on one side of the ballast resistor. Meaning the ballast resistor has no part to play other than be a point where the two wires connect.
  6. All the brake drums on my Century are over worn so I need new drums but originality to me is important so I want the OEM look. Apart from hunting junkyards does anyone know of a good source? Thanx
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