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  1. I have tons and tons of old factory repair manuals for different things and for my beetle. I also read older Motor repair manuals too. I also read Haynes and Chilton front to back. But what really helps me since I’m a hands on learner is actually doing it and using the manual as just a guide. Since I’m a mechanic I have access through work to most of the repair information from the factory but it only goes back to a certain year so for the really old stuff I use the good old paper manuals. And watch lots of YouTube too.
  2. In school I was always trained replace any hose clamp with the worm gear style because they are far superior. I agree with that completely and do it on everything. All the clamps on my beetle have been switched to modern worm gear style. Those pinch ones get on my nerves I can never pinch them without hurting myself. I know they make special tools for them but it’s just a hassle instead of using a nut driver to take off or tighten the worm gear style. Everyone at my shop discards those pinch style unless something in the repair manual says to use those.
  3. Nah sorry I’m young. Must be the youngest one here 😁.
  4. Awesome restoration project. I must say I’m jealous of that garage. All I have at home is a carport and gravel driveway. I’m restoring my classic beetle at the current moment then after that I have more projects 😆.
  5. That for sure is a great project and cool car.
  6. I’m a little to tall for one of those 😆
  7. I’m here in the southern part of Virginia and every station around here at the current moment is out of fuel. Everyone panic bought yesterday and it’s all gone today. The gas stations were backed up in the roads. They said any fuel deliveries will be limited quantity until everything gets back to normal. We had customers call the shop today and say they couldn’t come for their appointment because they didn’t have enough gas to get to the shop. I seen people yesterday with gas cans and everything panic buying and so everyone ran out. Since my truck was about empty I went and managed to get 8 gallons it costed me around $35 and it didn’t fill the truck up because they ran out as I was fueling.
  8. Haha. I love the smell of the soap I guess it will keep me in there. 😂
  9. Irish Spring soap will keep them and many other rodents away.
  10. 1. Classic Volkswagen Beetle any year. I currently own a 1973 model but the body has been swapped to a 1971. Don’t know why I have always had a fascination with them. 2. 1967 Ford Mustang. I just think they are cool and 1967 is the best year in my opinion. 3. 1957 Chevy Bell Air. Another cool old classic that I would love to own. 4. 1973 Chevy C10. I think they are cool trucks. My neighbor owned one and it just looks so classic. Also I like three on the tree so that’s an advantage. 5. 1973 Ford Gran Torino. We restored one in high school auto class and man that thing was cool and loud. 6. 1972 Buick Skylark. Another cool car the local gas station has one sitting and it just looks cool to own. Personally I’ve never driven one or looked at one but it’s cool. That’s all I can think of at the current moment but I’d be happy owning anything classic really. The Beetle is my favorite out of all the ones listed. I can’t own anymore vehicles due to my county’s ordinance since I own 8 vehicles if I own anymore it’s considered a car lot so that kinda hurts but oh well it keeps me working on my projects. The Beetle hopefully will be running this summer. Then I have a old Mazda truck I’m restoring and another Mazda truck that runs. Then I’ve got some modern vehicles.
  11. Nice project. Sorry about your other car being totaled.
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