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  1. My first post here. I hope it works. Help Please!! I wonder if anyone out there can tell me how to remove the hubs on my 1933 Lincoln KA.
  2. Thanks for the input. I found a "Book of Instruction Lincoln V12 - 136" -- first edition, printed January 1933. The people at the club library scanned it for me last Friday. As you say, it is a very good book. Finding it made my day!! I do understand that there was not a specific shop manual for the car but on your encouragement I will keep looking for the service manuals. My car is the one recently sold by Dragone (pictured in the latest "Fork & Blade"). I will post pictures soon.
  3. Thanks. It is good to know that manuals do exist. I will keep looking. This is my first pre war car so the learning curve will be a bit steep. The first issue that has jumped out is the mechanical (!!) brakes which pull aggressively to the right.
  4. I have just purchased a 1933 KA. Does anybody know where I could access or buy a shop manual and an owner's manual?
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