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  1. I dont regret buying it......I still enjoy looking at it. I do hate seeing it covered in dirt and neighbors cat prints all over it. I only have a carport to cover it and its exsposed to weather year round. The original owner never let it see rain. If it dont sell soon I will just streetrod it and its life as original will be over I guess.
  2. I lost my nerve to drive them. My Farm to Market road is a constant 80mph with people with big duallys and ranch hand bumpers that hate old cars and will run you off the road and physically throw stuff or want to fight. This car runs perfect...but it has unsynchronized trans like a model A ( I have an A coupe also) so it takes a bit to get to speed and likes 50 mph best (as do I) I have thought about putting some modern running gear in it but I havent had the heart to destroy this car that lasted so long. If it dont sell I mite later because I do love the car. If I lived in town it mite
  3. If it does I dont know how it works.....guy I got from said to get to 55mph and then let off and it would kick in. I have never noticed any differance really
  4. How about a 39 buick....not a chevy but looks close and half the price....$12,000 with new paint and V8 350 with power steering 682 459 3078
  5. I have a 1937 chrysler if interested....682 459 3078....$35k
  6. I have a rare 1937 Royal convertible. Runs and drives perfect. Interior is leather and nice. Restored long ago but still very nice. Paint being weakest up close.( really close) Motor has been rebuilt. It is tagged and titled my name and can be driven everyday if want. Not many were built and Hagerty said it was one of two in their database. ( Around 700 were built in 1937) I would trade for an Auburn replica ....or maybe a Lincoln or Chrysler open car in the 1920s. No modern or muscle cars...only interested in 1936 back convertibles.... Grandview Texas....682 459 3078
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