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  1. I'm seeing '73 Electras online with rally wheels, but I'm having trouble figuring out how that can be made to work. It appears that '73 Electras were only sold new with the basic hubcap or the wire wheel cover. So, it looks like putting rally wheels on Electras was something their owners must've done later - did they all do this using the rally wheels made for the Estate Wagon? It appears that Electra wheels were 15 x 6 and that Estate Wagon wheels were 15 x 7 - is this true? Can 15 x 7 wheels be put on an Electra? I can't find any current aftermarket rally wheels that leave enough backspace, which I heard must be, at minimum, 3.8. If I take off 15 x 6 wheels off of my Electra and put 15 x 7 wheels on it from an Estate Wagon, then will there still be enough backspace? Would 15 x 7 wheels be too big for an Electra?
  2. John, yes, I was hoping to find a set of rally wheels for my car. Searching the 'Net, I haven't found any good originals. I thought of buying new ones, but I'm finding inconsistent information online about the correct size. For instance, a rep at Summit Racing was telling me the size is 15 x 7 with a 5 x 5 bolt pattern. But you're saying the size is 15 x 6, so the Summit guy was wrong. Thanks for all the great info, everyone! My car has wire wheel covers, which don't look bad but don't look great. I saw the attached photo online and thought it'd be cool to get wheels like that...
  3. Does anyone know what the wheel sizes and bolt patterns are for a 1973 Buick Electra Limited Sedan? It appears from earlier posts in 2017 that the size might be 15 x 6 - is this correct or, if not, what is the size? What's a "4 3/4" B.C."? I've found conflicting information about the bolt pattern - but there is some reason to believe it's 5 x 5 - is this right? All help would be greatly appreciated! J.C.
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