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  1. So I have finally aquired all 3 pieces of the ehaust manifold for the straight 8 and could use a bit of advice on how much heat needs to be applied to the center piece in order for the front and back to slide into the collar, I am hoping that once they are inserted that I will be able to move them enough so everything matches up. Or if there is some trick to getting them together I'm all eye's.
  2. Have searched hi and low for the center body and the rear manifold (of the 3 piece set fitting the 1950 roadmaster) without any luck, should anyone out there have either the center body or the back section they want to get rid of let me know, I did find a back section on ebay so that would solve part of my problem.
  3. I have a 1950 Buick Roadmaster with a straight 8 and the exhaust manifold is leaking where it slides into the adjoining manifold, it is leaking and the vehicle is not much fun to drive due to the noise, I realize the they did this to allow for the expansion because the engine is so long. my question is what can I do to remedy the situation and get rid of the leak, the manual says to loosen the nuts the tighten to the specified torque but that dosent seem to work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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