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  1. I am doing a restomod on a 1941 Buick 2 door and have a ton of stuff that I don't need. - The entire driveline From engine and transmission to rear tires - The front suspension and wheels, two Buick hubcaps (rough) - The steering column and box and the metal framework for the steering wheel - Dashboard and glove box steel - All of the instruments and the radio, but they look like they were under water - Battery tray, air filter housing, underseat heater with fan - The center pot metal dash with most of the buttons and some of the operators - Clutch and brake pedals - Lots of the stainless steel trim pieces - Broken grill wings with most of the pieces (I need the center piece) The interior is gutted but have some rusty framework for the front seat along with the springs and positioning mechanism. Not sure of the condition of the motor, but it seems to be full of Marvel Oil (red). I don't have much room in my shop, so in a month or so this all goes. Accepting reasonable offers - earliest pick up gets priority. It's all in Missouri City, Texas
  2. Yes! But Richard's post is from Monday...
  3. Hi Richard I have a 1941 Buick coupe that I am doing a restomod on. I need all of the body parts, but don't need the rims (have 4 up for grabs). Don't need any of the drivetrain or suspension either in case some one is interested. Jim Breaux two81-Six15-Seven558 Texas
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