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  1. I am doing a restomod on a 1941 Buick 2 door and have a ton of stuff that I don't need. - The entire driveline From engine and transmission to rear tires - The front suspension and wheels, two Buick hubcaps (rough) - The steering column and box and the metal framework for the steering wheel - Dashboard and glove box steel - All of the instruments and the radio, but they look like they were under water - Battery tray, air filter housing, underseat heater with fan - The center pot metal dash with most of the buttons and some of the operators - Clutch and b
  2. Yes! But Richard's post is from Monday...
  3. Hi Richard I have a 1941 Buick coupe that I am doing a restomod on. I need all of the body parts, but don't need the rims (have 4 up for grabs). Don't need any of the drivetrain or suspension either in case some one is interested. Jim Breaux two81-Six15-Seven558 Texas
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