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  1. This 1927 Paige Coupe has been in the family for 50+ years and was my dad's restoration project. Unfortunately he passed before completing it. It will be up for auction May 22 in Cumberland, WI. Many parts restored and bright work re-chromed. Rolling chassis is reassembled with freshly rebuilt engine, brakes, shocks, etc. Body metal is in excellent condition. Many wood sub-frame components are new. There are also lots of duplicate parts he accumulated. A complete photo catalog will be available on bidbidauctions.com. You can contact me if you have questions. Scott 319 four three one 2491.
  2. Here’s the tag on the for sale engine
  3. We have a 1927 engine & trans. coming up for sale on auction. Its a bit rough and will need rebuilding/refurbishment. My dad took it out of a car that he parted out years ago. I think its a 6-45 but will have to get the number off it. BTW we also have a 1927 Paige 6-45 Coupe that is partially restored - hence the parts car.
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