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  1. I figured it out, the primary throttle plates were installed backwards, and not closing all the way, and the main/secondary jets were swapped, so I fixed those two and now it runs like a champ, and yes the float clips are important and they are working properly
  2. Hi guys. I have a 1965 thunderbird 390 restoring to original including replacing the 650 Holley with the original 4100 Autolite carb. I rebuilt the 4100 100% using a kit, but it will not idle smoothly. seems to run ok on the primary and secondary barrels, and the accelerator pump, secondary actuator, and choke are fine but it will not idle smoothly. turning the idle mixture screws in and out all the way does nothing, at idle fuel drips from the primary and secondary venturis onto the throttle plates making an unnatural spitting sound. I know that's not right. all I have read says that
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