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  1. Ok, wow great info, thanks so much all. Didn't expect so many replies, or any. This has totally helped me decide what to do. "almost every dollar spent MIGHT increase the sellable value by about thirty to fifty cents."- That's what I wanted to know. 🙂 Also BAT... Bring a Trailer! News to me. Both cars have about 75k miles, one owner, the tbird was rehabbed in 1990 to show quality, the Eldorado not. It was a weird custom job from the factory in 76 where everything was red. So get the tbird running, probably BAT for the Eldo. As for a hobby, I'm getting into woodworking, for which I need a few g
  2. I have a couple of American convertibles I want to sell, a 56 Tbird and a 76 Eldorado. Both in decent condition in my garage in PA, but not started in a decade. I'm trying to figure out whether to put money into fixing them up or to sell them with minimal improvement. Is there such a thing as a car consultant who could appraise them and tell me which way to go, reccomend a good restorer and seller, etc.? TIA, any thoughts appreciated! :-)
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