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  1. Take all the shoes to a brake shop, get them to even the linings up and " radius grind" all the linings in pairs to match their individual brake drum internal diameter.
  2. Gerry, Yes as we know the rear wheel bearings have a grease nipple at the underside of the backing plate. The brake hub has a outer sleeve and the axle housing a inner sleeve for the wheel bearing to run in. Both these sleeves can wear especially the axle housing sleeve, check the underneath of the axle housing sleeve for wear [pitting] that"s where the load bearing weight is. Both these sleeves are replaceable. If you can lift the wheel up with a lever when fitted then there is wear somewhere there. Unfortunately the Diff. has to be split to replace the axle sleeve, although some sa
  3. The axle end will float in the axle housing with the hub off. The hub tapper supports the axle once the hub is fitted. I believe the axle and hub tappers should be grease free, cleaned up and packed with chalk dust for dryer fit with a new key for better grip and drive. Torque axle nut to 90 Lbs !! plus.
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