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  1. Thanks for the input I appreciate it. It is in pretty good shape and all of the pieces plus are there (spares). I will move this to the general forum to see if anyone else can give me an idea what this is worth. I don't have any pre conseption of the value of this car I just know that I need to get it sold so I can close up my fathers trust. If you can think about any other places I could put this I would appreciate it! Thanks
  2. My dad had a 1923 Chalmers Roadster style body that is sitting in his barn. There are spare parts all over as well as the car he was in mid refurbish. I am wondering how I can sell this and the parts that go with it. Does anyone have ideas? I may be able to get pictures of the vehicle but the parts are all in the barn and I am not sure of what actually goes with it. Is there anyone who can give me some ideas or help on how I should proceed? So far these are all the pictures I have I need to get out and figure out what parts go with it. thanks! Chris
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