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  1. The far left was a choke cable, to the right i have no idea.. it does have a 4 position (2on/2off) and yes they are to the left of the column.. I believe the 2 empty holes are where the column was.
  2. If anyone needs anything let me know what you want to pay for it if the price is not already posted. Allot of this stuff is going to the trash soon, some of it already has.
  3. Had several weak scammer attempts message me on this, bumping for the needle in a haystack.
  4. Adding to this resurrection, if my wife had not needed an operation early this year I would be the proud owner of this '42 Champion.. dude had it listed for $1250 in SoCal
  5. Front leaf springs $10 +shipping, and misc. spring perch/shackles/frame brackets make offer on 1 or all.
  6. Complete rear axle, free come pick it up in Gilbert, AZ.. if you want me to pull parts off it and ship them make an offer (labor not free) apologies but this is the only photo available. Will take additional photos for .25 cents each (I kid, I kid!)
  7. Battery box in decent shape could easily be put back in service with very few swings from the almighty hammer. $10 +shipping. Photo taken prior to removal, I will take new photos by request.
  8. Brake cables $10 +shipping, disregard the rectangular blank plate but will toss it in for no extra charge.
  9. This one im probably being a little too generous on, im sure the odds of finding these gems are slim to none.. closer to none. One side only spotlight glass, both pieces the clear beehive and red faceted plus pictured hardware. $50 +shipping.
  10. Next up is the cluster in rough shape, broken glass, I also have the wood it attached too I'll throw in free with the cluster but im sure will raise shipping costs. Cluster is $50 +shipping. Pardon the measurements photos, I took these at the request of someone on ebay.
  11. Tried going auction style on eBay, 2 of the 4 items I listed sold ($5🤣) so I'm listing some stuff up here. First up is some brake parts, all but the actuator arm bracket (missing actuator) is from the passenger side. Even has the woodruff key for what I'm assuming is the shoe adjuster, these parts are free, recipient pays shipping. Here are some photos
  12. I've heard of the evaporust, I'll keep it in mind I usually have stuff dustless blasted or wire wheel my stuff thanks for the replies!
  13. Decided I'd clean out the old steering gear which was seized up, loaded it with half a can of PB blaster and let it sit over night.. after that it was spinning freely. Opened it up and found 1 ball bearing inside the mucky oil, any idea if that was supposed to be in there or traveled from somewhere else? The 2 small 'half' gears are still seized up, was this some sort of powersteering?
  14. Front emblem looks a little 'sloppy' imo, looks like he had it for sale back in 2017 for 99,000 pounds. https://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/forum/your-studebaker-forum/tech-talk/105629-sell-1932-studebaker-commander-series-eight-regal-coupe https://classicmoto.rs/auto/studebaker-commander-1932-715GzH.html
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