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  1. Didn't see anyone mention it, the "big brother" sold for over 1mil
  2. I've got 4 boys, couldn't imagine what you're going through! Sweet IH, I say replace the wood with steel. My first build was a '73 Travelall its sitting on a '97 Dodge 4x4 2500 chassis, I was trying to get a '58 Travelall for my 14yr old but the owner wasn't budging on letting it go.
  3. Absolutely beautiful car, more details on this beater FWD you would trade for?
  4. Speed & Sport Chrome in Texas is who was recommended for doing pot metal, I was also told he has a very quick turn around time.
  5. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/cto/d/scottsdale-1923-reo-6-door-convertible/7300924223.html
  6. Metro plating in mesa, AZ has been very reasonable they quoted me about 600 for each bumper on the Imperial.
  7. Besides powdercoat, what other coatings? Here's some of the items I had blasted, to rechrome this car would bankrupt me, its heavily pitted so im leaning towards filling with body filler and just spraying some automotive silver but would prefer something else, I'd powdercoat it buts so pittted.
  8. We picked up a '53 Imperial about a month ago, these things are solid.. unbelievable how smooth everything opens and closes. Theres a video on YouTube of a green '53 truly beautiful car, the potmetal is a heartache for sure.. my 14yr old wants to build a "bombed out lowrider" its going to be a lowrider limo if you ask me.
  9. Head on over to Binderplanet(dot)com thats an IH only site and your best bet, I'm on there too.. my first build was a '73 Travelall on a '97 Dodge chassis with a 12 valve Cummins. My 'build' thread is title "73 Interabominational Raptorall"
  10. First photo not too sure if this stuff goes to the Stude' Second photo goes to the Stude' but not sure what/where the 2 larger pieces im assuming were part of the front floorboards, the 2 smaller ones I have no idea but they have a small hinge on them, and the shiny potmetal I'm also assuming went on the dash? Any insight is much appreciated. The rest of the photos is most of what I will be putting up for sale most likely. Keeping the spotlights but 1 has the original glass pieces, only the glass pieces will be for sale.
  11. Will do Henry, in the meantime here is a photo of the 'valance'
  12. Howdy folks, scooped up (literally, it had to be loaded with a forklift) a 1927 Studebaker Std. Six, its an early '27 so its not a Dictator.. SS.. Dictator.. oh the irony! This 100yr old loctite is great stuff, nothing wants to come loose.. pb blaster didn't do the trick and neither did wd40 penetrant specialist. Ive gotten on average 1 screw from each door hinge loose. She is pretty rough but the rear drivers door is my biggest concern. The piece that goes down below the grille in between the fenders (I'd called it a valance) is pretty rough hopefully I'll be able to
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