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  1. I cleaned it off and I see nothing Does anyone know where is a place to put your part numbers to see what engine it is off of
  2. I found out that my engine was painted blue would that be why I can not find a number that is supposed to be stamp where it is pictured or does that have nothing to do with that
  3. Do you know a model number for it Or do you know where to find info on it
  4. Here is the pictures of the Head part number and intake and exhaust manifold numbers. The only thing is I cannot find the numbers on the water pump do I take the water pump off or am I looking at the wrong thing for the water pump
  5. so I have to get those numbers if so I will get them tomorrow
  6. That plate is worn off there’s nothing there anymore Here is a picture of it
  7. I will look when I get home and let you guys know what I find
  8. I just saw everyone’s reply’s and there is an I d tag on it but it is so warn you can not see it I will attach a picture of it I think that is the I d tag but I am not sure Sorry I just saw your comment can you send me a picture of what the Chrysler 6 engine looks like I am very new to this but it looks like so I do not know what they look like Sorry just saw your comment Do you Approximately what year do you know I have no clue what year it is all I know it is an older machine I thought that it was but I think it might of been painted over but maybe not it does not look
  9. We are cleaning out my grandmas property and found this. She says it has been here since she can remember. So I was wondering if anyone would reconize what it is and tell me what it is. Anything will help I want to have it rebuilt but I have now clue what it is. Comment below if you think you know what it is. I do know it has 6 cylinders.
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