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  1. I am researching George Whitney for a documentary. I only have information about him and the people he worked with. Tom
  2. From George's personal collection. That is George's handwriting.
  3. Hi Ron, Do you know what publication this is from? Is it possible to get a better scan of this page? Best, Tom
  4. tom1356

    Loco pics

    The only thing left from Whitney is a shed that has collapsed. No one has been in there since the 1970's at least. I have spoken to the owner about a tour this month. I don't think there is anything in there. Georges first camp burned down and he rebuilt it. I have the receipt for when the machine shop equipment was sold off. I also have the Engine to Olive that was used at Island pond to run the machine shop. Formerly of the Henry Ford Museum. The lake is still low. Boating season starts in June. The output is the start of the Spiggot or Spicket river.
  5. tom1356

    Loco pics

    I live five houses down from where George Whitney lived on Big Island Pond. This is what his stone jetty looks like today. He built it in the early 1900's for the Ida F. George built 95 boats but only two boats for himself. The Olive, 1882 named for his mother and The Ida F. 1900 named for his daughter.
  6. tom1356

    Loco pics

    George's camp "Wild Wood" at Big Island pond Derry NH.
  7. tom1356

    Loco pics

    You are correct George is in front right. The woman next to the canoe is Anna Whitney. This photo has members of the Chase and Whitney families and Mrs Thursby who is sitting closest to the Ida F.
  8. tom1356

    Loco pics

    This is George Eli Whitney (back left) in his car next to his 31' steam yacht Ida F. Island pond Derry NH.
  9. This is an amazing history. Thank you so much for posting it. Your car is a gem. Do you have other Whitney related items?
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