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  1. You can return the same results without the * after the 362. For example you'll get items like "NOS STEWART-WARNER TEMPERATURE GAUGE SENDER D-362-DJ" regardless of whether you search for "stewart warner 362" or "stewart warner 362*" ie adding the * won't specifically look for words that only start with 362
  2. Hey Lump & Steven, Regarding question 2, unfortunately wildcard searches with the * are no longer supported by eBay. Their algorithms have gotten progressively more crazy. What I can highly recommend is this: http://www.auctionsieve.com/ You're going to love it! Essentially it gives you an unlimited minus list and you can build it up on the fly - after you retrieve all the search results, you highlight a word you never want to see again, hit a button and all the items containing that word are instantly hidden. And it also hides all that "related" search
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