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  1. For sure I can share more information. The date line that you have suggested corresponds to what I know from the log book. The bike its self will be placed for sale this year and very interested to repatriate it back to the US. So I am trying to gain incite in to its origin.
  2. A 1912 Pierce three-and-a-half HP single, frame number 4447, engine number 4284, dark blue. Pierce Arrows were most associated with the manufacture of luxury cars in the first quarter of the 20th century. Its cars were of the highest quality and appealed to the same clientele as other prestige marques, such as Rolls Royce. It’s motorcycles followed the same line and were both innovative and made to the highest standard. The Motorcycle Division was started by Percy Pierce, (George’s son) in 1909. The first model, an inline four, was joined by a more conventional side valve single in
  3. Is it possible to determine year of manufacture based upon frame number alone? Do records still exist? Frame number in question 4447 Engine number 4284 Any information on how to track would be great.
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