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  1. I plan to drop the pan before I try to start it. Thanks for the advice. I'd also like to get some new spark plug wires. Any recommendations? Thanks.
  2. My favorite NOS is of course the stuff that makes a car go very very fast. I’m talking about when I’m parts shopping. In this case “NOS” to me has always meant new original stock or new old stock but basically the part was NEW no matter how crappy the box it came in was? Right? Now I’m seeing “NORS” and it confuses me because if the “R” means repaired or rebuilt then it’s referring to a used part. If it means remanufactured then it’s really not original stock at all. I’ve had a couple different sellers answer questions regarding such parts and I get different answers from
  3. OK so I knew there was a lot of wood in the car but I had no idea there was this much....
  4. That post was actually one of the first ones I read when I joined the forum. You’ve got a great story behind that 34 and it sounds like you’ve put in some serious time getting her where she is now. Nice job. i’ve got the time, and i’ve got a toolbox as tall as me and has always had what I needed when working on my past 3 Chevy trucks and my 07 Harley FatBoy that I ride 3 to 4 times a week. What I don’t have is the knowledge about all the things to do and watch for when bringing this car back to life. Couple questions you mentioned a gravity fed gas tank supply to your carburetor.
  5. I hear what you’re saying and against my father-in-law‘s wishes I would love to hot Rod this thing. Due to my permanent Covid vacation I’m not looking to drop a ton of money into it so I was just trying to get it up and running. I have no plans to sell it so I just wanna have some fun with it. When I got the car it was on four flat white wall tires on the original spoked rims. I put on a cheap set a tires and rims just to get it rolling up on my trailer. This thing has to weigh over 3000 pounds? The wood on the inside is going to be a challenge I already pulled out the seat
  6. Thanks pont35cpe, of the five windows all are good except for the windshield. It’s destroyed. Probably bashed by my ex-wife? LoL.
  7. Hello everyone! I just joined so I could ask some questions but just by reading some of the posts I’ve been able to answer everything I’ve got at the moment. I have inherited this 34 which my father-in-law had sitting in his garage for about 38 years which he claimed was driven in the garage in order to “fix it up”. He never got the time to continue the project as he had a very demanding job as a minister for the deaf of several Southern California churches. So far I’ve just cleaned up the car inside and out, drained the oil (sludge), flushed the radiator, done some electrical repa
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