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  1. Thanks much 1957Birdman!! Since pulling them out from behind is somewhat tricky and difficult, I may try the putty knife trick first ... then if they don't release, then I'll have to resort to pulling them. I really don't want to pull the whole dash if I don't have to right now ... although I suspect in a few years I will either have to repaint/dye my dash cover or replace it with a new one (dye is starting to flake off). Appreciate the reply!! Cliff
  2. Bought our 57 Ford Thunderbird this past Fall .... have done quite a bit to improve it's road worthiness ... the previous owner had it sitting for over 14 years with almost no driving miles put on it. So far, I've had to do the following: Rebuild the generator Complete ignition tune up (plugs, wires, electronic ignition (Pertronics), coil, resistor) Holley Carb rebuild and tuneup Replaced vacuum hoses Replaced radiator hoses Replaced hardtop gaskets and moldings Replaced entire exhaust system with stainless factory system, minus resonators Rebui
  3. Nedaynow, I also have to remove my gauge lenses and clean them, as well as paint my needles. Did you get new chrome bezels, or reuse your existing ones. How difficult was it to reinstall the bezels and not bend the tabs too badly? I really want to avoid having to pull the whole dash, or having to remove the gauges from behind the dash. Would an exacto knife work for prying the bezels out? Also, did you have to replace the lens gaskets? Any info would be appreciated!! Thanks much!
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