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  1. Hey everyone! I've got a 1951 Buick special that's running lean. It bogs when the gas is immediately pressed down, unless the choke is about half way. I've sprayed carb cleaner all around the intake looking for leaks with not avail. Verified the intake has the right amount of suction. I've tried all settings on carb, cleaned it, put new gaskets/accelerator pump in it. Rebuilt the mechanical fuel pump and verified fuel pressure is adequate. Checked engine timing multiple times as well. I did notice the fuel filter appears empty when the engine is warm. Fuel must be vaporizing, but the issue is present even with fuel sitting in the filter. I've attached an electric fuel pump just to make sure and it didn't help. Any thoughts on what I could be missing?
  2. Yes! Do you have both the intake and exhaust manifold? I need the intake mostly since mine is cracked/patched, but the exhaust manifold would be great as well.
  3. I currently have an intake manifold with some pretty good size cracks in it. Was looking to see if anyone had a replacement they'd be willing to sell.
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