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  1. Very interesting. I do want to be as accurate as possible. Thank you.
  2. It seems to be so, Dave. I am appreciative for all the advice.
  3. Not even close, James. Check out "Pop's Place: Some Things Are Meant To Be" on Amazon.
  4. In answer to several questions: What period is show set in early 40’s, late 40’s, early 50’s? Based on real-life events, the miniseries is about a WWII US Navy dive-bomber hero returning home from the war to his family homestead in Charleston. Therefore, it is late 1940s. How long is shoot? A day, 5 days, more? One day. The main character is being picked up by a taxi at the military air terminal and drives along country roads. The cab arrives at his home, which is an inn in Beaufort, SC. Who drives the car? Owner, goofy actor, does he know how to drive a vintage car, manual shift?
  5. I need to rent a vintage 1940s sedan to use as a taxi in one episode of a television miniseries to be filmed in April in Beaufort SC. It must be running. It will be cared for. If you have one or know of one you can refer, please contact me at thomas@sapphire multimediafla.com. Thanks!
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