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  1. Thanks Terry! The only info I got was that it was all to be used on a delivery/commercial, early style model t truck restoration, that was left unfinished and parted out to family over the years! Unfortunately I do not have the pleasure of owning one but throughly enjoy collecting and restoring old car parts! I happen to know a wonderful man who just purchased two and was willing to take them off of my hands! Knowing now what I need to complete it I will definitely be looking to gather the missing pieces for him and digging deeper on the pulley! thank you so much for all of your help! 🤗
  2. Hello my fellow antique enthusiasts! My name is Kenzie! I stumbled onto your forum during my research into Corcoran Lamps made for Ford! I happen to “junk across” this lamp and pulley assembly in a recent barn dig and cant for the life of me find what it was used for! I do believe the lamp is early 1900’s and is definitely kerosene! The pulley assembly looks to go with it...I will attach the pictures for you to investigate!! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through your responses and hope my new found piece of history can find its story here!
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