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  1. 1936 D2, I saw the picture of your engine. Looks very nice. I have basically the same car except mine is a 1936 Desoto Airstream. I noticed you have a alternator, did you rewire the whole car for 12 volt?
  2. WTB a drivers side wing window for a 1936 desoto airstream 4-door sedan.
  3. Hi George, can you send me a picture of the Desoto artillery wheels that you have? If you'll look at the picture of the one I posted there's a pin between two of the lug nuts that the wheel fits over like a key. If the set of wheels you have look like that let's talk.
  4. The clips on mine are different. I don't have those pieces of metal between the clips. My wheels measure from bead seat to bead seat 17 1/2". I have a 1936 Desoto deluxe touring sedan as far as I know. What size are the wheels you posted?
  5. Hi There, I have a 1936 Desoto. I'm still in the process of finding out what model it is. It needs work that I'm willing to put into it. What I'm asking is there anyone out there that has 4 artillery wheels for this car. I do have two artillery wheels for the front and two regular wheels for the rear. I'd like to change the two regular ones to the original artillery wheels. There are two side mount spare tire places on the front fenders that I'd like to put the other two artillery wheels.
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