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  1. Thank You all for all of the replies and messages. I have been contacted by a couple of your community's and am going to work with them to donate the museum worthy items. Anything else I will post here with pictures.
  2. I'm not sure where i look for your number. Thanks Ken
  3. A good friend of mine and a past Vice President and General Manager of Buick has passed away. Edward H Mertz spent most of his life working for General Motors Culminating in becoming the General Manager of the Buick Division and being directly responsible for a number of cars that helped bring Buick to a younger generation. His wife has asked me to try to find homes for a bunch of Buick and GM items that he collected throughout his life. Not being from that world I'm not sure where to begin. Many of the items are personalized to Ed and are i assume a part of automobile history at some poin
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