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  1. Thank you for the tip keiser31. I appreciate that moak. I'm of the impression '36 are one piece tail lights. To be honest this car isn't going to be original and correct. I knew parts were hard to come by, especially in Canada. I came across a photo from the internet that I think is what we're looking for. I'll see if it attaches here. Abe
  2. Hello Greg. Thanks for the tip. My searches online are just starting, hence my posting here - great resource and sure to be a wealth of knowledge and information here. I hope to make more of an online presence as things move along, and I'm glad I stumbled upon this group. Beautiful car by the way. Looks like new! Abe
  3. Hi, new here. My apologies for the informal introduction and request, but I'm at a last resort search for tail light stands/stanchions for a 1935 (& '36 I believe?) Airstream CZ8 sedan, "bullet" style, chrome bodies w/ red glass cone lenses ('37 zephyr like, but nicer imo) I have a nice set of lights and lenses but sadly no stands. I realize this may be a lengthy search, but any help is appreciated. Thank you kindly. Abe
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