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  1. After 1912staver pointed me towards the standard Vanguard, it was close but not quite and it pointed me towards Austin A70 Hampshire which was also close but not it as well, the A70 Pointed me at the A40 Devon and Dorset which were also really close damn near bang on. The A40 davon and Dorset pointed me at the A40 Somerset coupe which is nearly identical to the A40 davon and Dorset but had some really small details that the A40 Somerset doesn’t. the Somerset seemed to have all the details that I was looking for to compare with.. I really appreciate everyone’s help and suggestions. Thank you
  2. Thanks for your reply. I’ll look into it!
  3. Thank you, it’s a curiosity post.. it has been driving me nuts not knowing what it belonged to, the obsession got worse when I couldn’t find anything that looks anything like it!
  4. Thanks you for your reply, very much appreciated!
  5. Thank you for your reply
  6. hello, thanks for the add. I’m not sure if this post qualifies, I’m posting this purely out of curiosity. I found this Ladder X frame chassis, I pass by it on my daily commute to work. I’ve searched high and low for answers as to what vehicle it belongs to, the only info or parts #’s I can find are on the Armstrong IFS components. The vin tag was on the chassis but it crumbled to pieces as soon as I touched it. I can find similar frames on the internet but not an exact match. The frame is completely boxed in with X type crossmember, the rear diff and front spindles have a 4 bolt wheel stud pat
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