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  1. Windows are electric actuators in this 63. Driver seat and top are hydraulic. This was a barn find, a leaky barn, not on road since 75. Pretty much a home for cats and owls, top was ripped so this took on a lot of water on the driver seat. Gutted to frame, just sandblasted and getting metal work cleaned up. I've blasted every part on this car that unbolts. I figured dump hydraulic, but I think I will keep the top hydraulic as is after reading above. Car has every bell and whistle made, 401 with dynaflow I think. I'll pull that out in next week or two. My
  2. Good point on the top, didn't consider to sync. I will look around for a seat base. Thanks a ton.
  3. Has anyone tackled converting the convertible and seat hydraulics to electric? Not a requirement but I'm building from frame up and would prefer to lose all hydraulics altogether. Any help appreciated. Jimmy
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