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  1. Lol I wish I knew anything about fixing up cars! My grandfather bought it in 1958 and drove it once and then put it in the garage with intentions to fix it up, but never did. We’ve held onto it for many years after he passed, but sadly we have to let it go since the house sold.
  2. We wouldn’t be fixing anything first. It will just be sold as is. I’m assuming the engine will need work. So I’m curious what an “as is” price is, assuming the engine isn’t in good condition. I appreciate these responses. Thank you!
  3. Ok I will post more photos when I go there today. It is in New Jersey.
  4. Hi! My Grandfather has had this 1928 Dodge Victory Six in his garage for ages. We are selling the house and have to sell the car as well. I don’t have any idea what to sell the car for. Can anyone help me with pricing for a car like this? I appreciate it!
  5. Hi! Would anyone be able to give me their opinion of what this 1928 Dodge Victory Six could possibly be worth? It has been in my Granfather’s garage for ages. I don’t really know much about it. But we have to sell it. I need some help pricing it thanks!
  6. Hopefully someone give me an idea as to what this is worth. I appreciate any help! Thanks
  7. Hi! My grandfather has had a victory six in his garage for ages. We are going to sell it, but we don’t have the first idea of what it’s worth. Hopefully someone can help us out. I will upload the pic I have.
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