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  1. On my other 1950 Roadmaster - see pic early in the stream - I'm using something called "Gibbs Brand". I heard about it on a ratrod forum. Protects the metal from further rusting, makes the old paint "pop" out, needs to be reapplied about twice a year ( I use it like a detail spray), it is NOT oil or silicone based so you can paint over it later if you wish. That last point sold me. Do no harm! Tom
  2. I'm leaning towards getting it running and enjoying it, as is, for a while. I think I'll let the full restoration to the next caretaker. I'm just finishing up a Rat Rod experience right now. Another 1950 Roadmaster, a 4 door I initially bought for parts. Didn't use many, then it got out of control! Used the 1950 body and dash, placed on a 1992 Roadmaster sedan frame I had to stretch 14", then dropped in a 455 from a 1970 Riviera. I'm using the 1992 interior. Air bagged it. Electric exhaust cutouts, other cool stuff. Named it Ratmaster.
  3. \\\\\ I recently acquired this barn find out of Ohio, Not sure what to do with it. Super solid sheet metal all around. All parts present including all top mechanics Motor turns. Front floor pans are rusted through. Rat rod? Restore? Just get it running?
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